Here is a game that we made up on our last date to help us continue the exciting journey of […]

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By Joshua Hall: Recently I was greatly benefited by accepting a Facebook challenge. I typically don’t pay any attention to […]

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Making It Through Life’s Challenges

I recently went to a family reunion with 7 of my 10 siblings and my mom. It was so nice […]

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How To Date And End Up With A Mate

Recently I have been talking to some of my single friends about dating and finding a spouse. Some of my […]

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Understand Your Spouse

This week I am sharing a video by Mark Gungor that helped me understand my husband better, how he deals […]

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In marriage it is very easy to get comfortable with each other. Unfortunately to the point that you treat company […]

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I am going to tell the birth story of my first baby. Sorry in advance if it is TMI (Too […]

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If you have learned about family life studies you know that there is usually a U shape curve of marriage […]


How To Prevent A Tear And Episiotomy

I was deathly afraid of my perineum tearing during childbirth. One, because I was having an all natural birth -and […]


Tips For Making Pregnancy Better

In this post, I have included several links to products I love for the benefit of my readers and the […]